Steve & Jo Ann Dollins 
Prophetic Ministry 
Stephen is an ex-Satanist High Priest who has been saved and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. He is an ordained Prophet of God and has spoken into the lives of many. His expertise on the occult and Satanism has helped him to bring many youth out of the darkness of evil and into the kingdom of God. He is a nationally known speaker against the occult and has several DVD’s on this subject. His main focus is helping others see the light before they get into the dark. He is a strong praise & worship leader and has brought many to the knowledge of Christ through his testimony. He ministers in the prophetic along with his wife, Jo Ann. Stephen works outside the ministry at KNI. He has had the opportunity on several occasions to minister to the needs of not only the patients but the spiritual needs of the staff. 
Jo Ann is the mother of three children, Nicole (who is married and lives in Ohio), Adam (a graduate of Masters Commission USA) and Eryn. She ministers in the Prophetic and is involved in the Praise & Worship team and Intercessory group. She has ministered nationwide at Crusades, Conferences and Women’s events. She is active in the Children’s ministry and the Fuel drama team. Jo Ann is a minister at The Prophecy Club and teaches Adult Sunday School. Her desire is to have God give her everything He wants her to have (as long as she can handle them). 
For entertainment, Stephen and Jo Ann like to spend time with their 7 year old daughter Eryn. Hobbies include, bowling, swimming, cooking, or just taking a walk around the neighborhood. 

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